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Scoop Hire provides a wide variety of construction equipment for all types and sizes of construction units. Regardless if your company is large or small, we are here to provide you with a level of service that enhances your bottom line by enhancing your return on investments for every project that you undertake. Scoop Hire places practicality above all else based on the fact that construction industry is founded on practical practices as a method to manage logistics and keep costs manageable. This factor is critical to the sustainability of construction companies in the long run. The entire business concept of Scoop Hire was based on this fundamental aspect of the industry. This is also in line with our objective to provide the construction industry players within Melbourne construction equipment that would enhance their business and bottom lines.

As an established construction equipment and machinery supplier, we know that our position as a supplier depends on the success of our downriver counterparts. The wide range of construction equipment that even have low ROIs that we are make available is proof of our commitment. We place particular focus on equipment that are rarely available elsewhere such as the 600Kg Cormidi Mini Dumper to mini or compact excavators which are available for hire on daily and as well as weekly rates. We offer some of the best of machines at exceedingly competitive rates and additional services such as free delivery and pick up from construction sites (terms & conditions apply). Scoop Hire aims to become your business partner which as far as we are concerned is a strategic business model that results in a ‘win-win’ scenario. We take it as a business advantage over competitors and so should you. Some of the more popular items categorised as ‘fast moving’ excavators within the Melbourne area are the Kubota mini excavators which are in high demand because of their practicality, capacity and cost effectiveness.

Here are some of the Kubota range items that are among our fastest moving products:

  • The Kubota 0.8 is perfect for mini projects such as landscaping work, ground prepping for plumbing or trenching. The daily rate is $ 230 and our weekly rate is as low as $200/ day
  • Kubota 1.7 T excavator is a machine that is applied best in tight spaces is on a daily rate of $230 and a discounted weekly rate of $200/ day.
  • The powerful Kubota 2.5 T compact excavator which is versatile and able to work with ease in tight spaces is offered at a daily rate of $280 per/ day and at a weekly discounted rate of just $240/ day
  • The big ‘Kahuna’ within the compact excavator category that we offer for $330 (daily rate) and a weekly rate of: $280 Per Day is the Kubota 3.5 T excavator is the real deal. This machine is capable of handling a wide range of construction tasks including demolition, trenching, drilling, digging and earth compacting among others.

For more information and a list of our complete range of products we have available, simply visit the Scoop Hire website.

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