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5 Tips to Increase Your Business’s Online Security

The internet has changed the world forever in countless ways over the last decade, but most of all, it has changed the way we do business. The scope and opportunity for both small and large businesses is so much more in this connected world that it has nearly made geographical limitations irrelevant. However, the internet can also be an extremely dangerous place for businesses when they are not properly secured, and sometimes, even when they are. As security should always be the number one concern for any business, here are five tips to protect your business better online.

Enable Basic Protection Against Malware

Malware or malicious software is an application that has been specifically designed to cause problems in a system, or gain unauthorized access to the data in the system. Everything from viruses and trojans to data stealing apps fall under this category. As one of the very first steps towards maintaining a business’s online safety, you will need to take all the basic security measures to protect against malicious software. Some of these basic but essential security measures are as follows:

  • Set up the firewall
  • Subscribe to an enterprise grade antivirus and antimalware service for real time protection
  • Use antispam to reduce spam emails from ever reaching the inboxes of your employees
  • Monitor all online activities regularly from the central console
  • Restrict internet access for your employees through URL filtering
  • Make security and OS updates for every computer working within the system mandatory and automatic
  • Choose strong passwords and keep changing them every few days

Learn Ethical Hacking

As mentioned earlier, sometimes, the basic security measures are not enough, since a skilled and targeted hacking attempt can get through them at times. This is where CEH training comes in, because it enables you to protect your business by shutting out those chances. CEH training stands for Certified Ethical Hacker training and just like the name suggests, it’s a course that teaches you to see things like a hacker, so that you can close security gaps in a system before someone from the outside can exploit them. In many ways, the knowledge gained from proper CEH training is pretty much the best way to protect any business and that’s exactly why big names in all fields of work usually have multiple ethical hackers working for them to keep their businesses secured and protected.

Restrict Physical External Access

Sometimes, it is easy to forget about the physical aspect of online security, but it isn’t a mistake that any business can afford to commit. An employee or a guest coming into the office should not be able to access the system from an external computer without authorization. If some of the laptops and pen drives with critical information are stolen and taken outside the office, it will put your company’s online security at jeopardy, unless they are encrypted. As no company wants their critical hardware to be stolen in the first place, boosting the physical security of the office is highly recommended.

Employee Education

Not everyone working for you is technologically sound enough to know what they need to know about the company’s cyber security, because after all, not everyone works in the tech department. On gaining control, hackers can utilize even the most basic employee accounts to hack further up into the company system. It is the employer’s job to educate all their employees with the necessary online safety protocols. Everyone on the company payroll should be aware of basic dangers such as phishing attempts, spam emails and malicious sites.

Secure Your BYOD Policy

Unless you are big enough to provide all your employees with company secured computers and mobile phones, it is likely that you have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy in place. BYOD will never be as secure as it would be if the company system was exclusively accessible from company devices only, but if you define and apply your BYOD policy appropriately, it can also be made quite secure. In order to avoid legal repercussions and prevent security breaches at the same time, here are three golden rules of designing any BYOD policy:

  • All registered devices should be secured, protected and monitored by a security management application
  • All the legal responsibilities and repercussions should be detailed and outlined in the policy
  • Everyone must sign and legally accept the policies, with a clear understanding of the clauses and repercussions

There is no better way to protect a company online than to learn how to do it yourself and that is why CEH training is always going to be the best way to protect any online establishment against cyber threats. It is best if you can learn it while your establishment is still small because that will allow you to design and grow your business with the proper security from the ground up. Just in case you do not have the time or the tech background for it, hiring a professional with the necessary ethical hacking knowledge is recommended.

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Advantages of online payday loans

In today’s world, nobody prefers wasting their valuable time visiting banks for loans. It is so much easier to take out loans through the internet with the technology becoming so developed. When it comes to short term loans, it is best to take an online payday loan instead of going to lenders. Trust us; online lenders are much more safe and quick in the process. If you are still not convinced, then here are reasons and advantages why taking online loans is better than other mediums…

  • You can take online loans at any time of the day or night. You do not have to wait for the day to check. You can submit the applications or take out loans at any time. Just sit up on your couch and the entire process is stress free.
  • Online payday loans are handy and easy. You can do the procedure over the phone too. So if you want a loan while traveling, it is simple!
  • Online process of application is faster, and if you require money at the earliest, this is the perfect medium for you.
  • Online lenders are responsible in informing the clients about security. You do not have to worry if you data are safe or not. It is secured and carefully stored.
  • Online short term loans are versatile. You have a wide range of lenders to pick from. Also, you have a wide range of short term loans to pick from!
  • There are no restrictions regarding how you can use the money you borrow. The payday loan lenders will not question you!
  • It affordable to repay payday loans. It is just one repayment and you are sorted. You do not have to worry about managing your expenses for the next one or two years.
  • Online loan taking has a simple format. You do not have to submit tons of documents or fill out some confusing form. To take out a payday loan you need to 18 years old, a UK resident with a working UK bank account. And lastly, you need to be employed. This is all you have to think about before taking a payday loan!
  • With online loans, it is easy to keep a track of all your finances. Just few clicks and you can view what is the financial state in your bank account. Also, payday loan lending companies have designed their websites in a simple way, which is user-friendly. This is one more additional reason why it is better to take out online loans than visiting banks.

With the top-notch online services, it is stress-free for any individual to take out payday loans. So, the next time you want a loan and are confused what to do, just open your browser find a suitable loan lender and follow the instructions on the website. It is as simple as it sounds.

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Why Have Your Staff and Leave Planner Online

If you run a business, then it is likely that you are going to need to manage your staff and their leave. There are several ways in which you can do this. On this page, we are going to talk about why the best route for you to go down is to use an online staff and leave planner.

Easier to Use

You may be one of these businesses. No offence if you are! There are many companies out there which still use a paper based method for tracking their staff leave. Perhaps they may use a diary which only the manager has access to. In other cases, there may be a calendar in the staff room that the staff can use.

The problem with this is the fact that it is just far too difficult to keep track of everything. Let’s take the diary method, for instance. If you go down that route, then only one person will be able to look at all of the information. If people can’t access the information that they need, then they will find it difficult to work out when they are able to take their annual leave.

If you use the ‘calendar on a wall’ method, then things may get changed. Not on purpose, but still. In addition to this, may people may overbook their holiday as it is tough to count how many days that they have actually had. Some may even take less days than they are entitled to! Many companies, especially smaller ones, may find it difficult to spot errors like this.

You are not going to have to worry about these issues occurring if you use an online system. You will be able to set it up in such a way that everybody is going to be able to have access to it. In addition to this, the best staff and leave online planners will be packed to the brim with features. One such feature will be a reporting method which will enable you to work out how much leave each person has had at the touch of a button!

Makes it easier to plan

If you run a business, then you probably can’t deal with your staff being out of action for too long, particularly if they are in a key department. One of the major benefits of having an online leave planner is that you will always be able to see at a glance when somebody has time off. This means that you will be unlikely to make promises that you can’t keep. Basically, you are going to prevent people being double booked off.

In addition to this, you will be able to produce a report which will enable you to determine when you may need to get extra staff cover in (if you need the cover, that is). This means that it is going to end up being a whole lot easier to manage your business!

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Online banking with Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds banking group is one of the most important names when it comes to the finance businesses in the entire United Kingdom and also in the entire world. Lloyds Banking Group is run successfully due to very talented employees that work with devotion to serving the community for their financial needs under the great supervision of their CEO, Horta Osório. Horta Osório is one of the most successful and the most qualified and talented banker of modern time who expertise in the modern banking techniques and also has been employing those techniques in the Lloyds Banking Group so they can cope up well with the emerging technology and can provide better services to the people. When it comes to the modern banking techniques the first thing that comes to our mind is the online banking system that has made the lives of most of the people easy and especially the businessmen’s because now they can handle with all their finances from their own office and can certainly give more amount of time to their business and be productive.

Benefits of online baking

The benefits of online banking are definitely endless as you can handle all financial issues sitting at your workplace and office and you don’t have to go to the bank specially and can transfer the money while sitting at your workplace. With the Lloyds banking group, you for sure can have the best online banking experience and can do most of your banking tasks from your computer or even mobile phones, There can’t be any delay in the money transfer given the best technology that is being used in the online banking system.

Online banking with Lloyds Banking Group

It was the Lloyds banking group, the Bank of Scotland that first introduces the idea of online banking in the whole United Kingdom. All the great milestones in the modern technology that are related to the banking were achieved first by this banking group and it is under the trusted leadership of the CEO, Horta Osório that the modern banking system is being preferred by the people of the United Kingdom and now there is better mean of the banking system.

Online banking facilities by the Lloyds Banking Group.

If you are a customer of the Lloyds banking group you should consider yourself lucky in this respect as now you can so easily handle your finances with the online banking system. You can easily install the Lloyds banking group’s application on your phone and can register with the online banking. This application is very safe and easy to use and you don’t have to worry about the safety of this application at all. Being a customer of the Lloyds Banking group the registering to online banking is not a concern at all you will have to put in your email and password and you can successful; y log in to your account and can make all types of transfers with just a single touch. Who would have thought banking could be this easier but with the Lloyds banking, all can be possible. This banking group provides you with the convenience of taking control of your bank account all the time and within no time. To register for the online banking you will just have to add your personal information and then select an ID and password and then you can take control.

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Choosing an Online Accountant

For any business, dealing with taxation is a tedious yet necessary part of the process. You need to do your taxes or you can find yourself dealing with a whole lot more than just figures on a page!

If you want to help remove the burden of dealing with your taxes from the equation, though, you can look to choose an online accountant. Choosing someone online gives you more scope and flexibility in who you choose, and the service often is more charitably priced as well. As ever, though, choosing an online accountant means understanding what you need from them. To do this, we recommend that you take a look at the following factors. This should help you decide what online accountant is the best pick for you.

Choosing an Online Accountant: Things to Consider

  • Do you need help with figures, or meaningful financial change? Some people just hire an accountant to help them prepare the books. Others, though, hire an accountant as they need help in making a more meaningful adjustment to their financial liquidity. One of the major issues that often comes with choosing an online accountant is the level of expertise they can provide you with. So, take a look at what you need as much as who you need.
  • Are you looking for help in the long-term? Sometimes, people will hire the accountant to take care of a small number of tasks for them across the tax year. Other times, you might want them to run a regular audit on financial performance to help your business. Look for an accountant that can help you out for the timeframe that you need; this can help whittle down who, and when, you hire.
  • Is the accountant experienced enough? Always make sure you look at their relevant expertise. Take a look at how they perform and how they generally are rated by those who use their service. Is it a service that comes with positive quotations? Or do people seem to feel a little uneasy about using their service? This can help you choose an online accountant.
  • How suited is the accountant to your business? A good online accountant is one that has expertise and visible proof of being able to work within the industry that you work within. Make sure that the person you are hiring understands the best way to manage your business overall. If they don’t know your business, they might find it hard to give you meaningful advice to help improve this side of your business.

With the above in mind, you will hopefully be more likely to make a lasting change to the way that you run your business. While it certainly takes a lot of hard work to get the job done right, it’s important that you use the ideas above to make sure you are hiring someone who can do the job that you need. So, when choosing an online accountant, make sure they tick all of your boxes and don’t just hire the first service you find. By hiring the right accountant, you can make a massive difference to business performance!

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How to Find the Right Job Online

In this highly developed and competitive era, finding the right job is to a certain extent a hard task, because to each single job there are above a hundred qualified candidates. So unless you are one of the opportune few who work in a high-demand career, finding a new job can be a tough and wearisome experience. If you are looking to find jobs here in UK, you can easily find job vacancies right through the Internet without the need to move out to the employment offices. All you need to do is build your online career trademark.

Building your trademark plainly means highlighting your skill and passion online where employers searching the net could easily find it and erasing any disagreeable qualities, you can find. The job advertisement is gradually developing from a pattern of employers and job-seekers using non digital means to find each other to one in which employers find job-seekers online. This could be through various social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or job-seeking Website.

There are Websites that are mainly defrauding sites. Hence, you need to be sure before signing up with the website and know whether it is legit. Before registering with an online job vacancy websites, it is advisable to check on a range of reviews about the employment website. Find out what previous job seekers think about the website, this will assist you to know more about the site based on these reviews.

Always consider free options (i.e. free registration websites) before deciding to register with an online job website. There are many website on the internet that are full with employment opportunities in all fields such as medicine, marketing, travel, finance, sales, sports and more. Although as listed there may be tons of job opportunities available on the internet, find out the practical and right jobs for your requirement based on your experience.

Job vacancy providing websites help you choose the right career by providing you with adequate information and options on their website. When using the services of such Websites you will need to create an account with them so that you will be updated daily, weekly or monthly with SMS or E-mail based on your preferences from the registered website and you can then select the right vacancy for yourself. You will also have to register with CV in the job vacancies providing website.

These kinds of options are available online at Zoek jobs vacancy website. Zoek is part of a business group made up of highly experienced professionals, using transformative solutions and software to redefine best practice in field of recruitment. Zoek has a free app, which allows for instant job notifications, smarter job searches and more, it pre-matches candidates with job ads and allow maximum coverage with our extensive partner network. The prospective employers would be able to read your CV and simply get in touch with you through the email provided in your CV, or even your phone number you can receive job alerts.

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Online Accountants – The Pros And Cons

The majority of organizations throughout the United Kingdom have spent the last several years trying to come up with ingenious, strategic and efficient ways to help their business come through the recession.

One of the elements implemented by many has been the use of online software to help with the reporting of a company’s accountancy.

As businesses still look over their shoulder and consumers continue to tread cautiously, the idea of using online software to cut the costs has been welcomed by many. However, investing in a new way of reporting within a company can always come with a level of caution – the pros and cons of this decision need to be weighed up.


Efficient And Easy To Use: The popularity in these systems is largely due to the efficient and eases of use it provides the client. The majority of online accountant software has been designed to allow for a company to self-train their employees which saves time, money and resources.

Resources Are Freed Up: With the use of an easier system it allows for resources to be freed up and provides less pressure on the accountants during a time when financial reporting is of strict importance. Thus, it saves on time and money for the company to look into future prospects for their company.

Allows For International Development: As a company looks to develop internationally (especially true if it is a small company) one of their biggest concerns is how to cope with the added pressure of dealing with complicated worldwide finances. However, with advanced accountancy software it allows for up to the minute currency reporting, easier transactions when multiple currencies are used and accurate VAT charging. With the same ease of access and reporting the current accounting team will be able to continue using the system with clarity and no extra work.

Efficient Bank Reconciliation: The software has the ability to import business banking statements and match them up with accounts. This will increase the accuracy in financial reporting and simplify money going in and out of the company.


Risk of virus: As with all pieces of software used online the chances of attaining a virus are always going to be there. That said, many online accountancy firms can offer guarantees and back up cover to help mitigate the risk of all financial information becoming encrypted.

Not As Individual: While online accountancy can provide an element of individuality to the requirements of a company some of the requests may be more complicated. To tailor make a piece of software for accountancy it could either take a lot of time, effort and resources or not be completed at all.

While the risk of a virus is apparent most organisations will have reputable anti-virus software and so will the online accountancy company. Also, the risk of data being stolen is evident within normal accountancy avenues and, perhaps, higher. While the old fashioned way of accountancy can provide more bespoke advantages in a time where procurement is of upmost importance for most companies, the idea of switching to online accountancy many not be such a risk after all.

With financial reporting a high point of interest within the public using online accounting can ease the pressure on the company. By introducing an efficient service the overall reputation of a company can be improved.