Fundamentals Towards Effective Telemarketing

Why are some telemarketers more effective than others? What do they do differently and how do they do it? Some telemarketers have extensive training, while others receive little training. Even those who are trained may or may not be effective, depending on how well they trained and whether they follow some basic telemarketing techniques. Some individuals also have a “telemarketer-friendly” personality. Factors such as friendliness, tone of voice, clarity, listening skills, patience, and ability to persevere are essential skills for an effective telemarketer. Effectiveness requires a “never give up” mindset and an understanding that every “no” brings you closer to a “yes”. Telemarketing is really a numbers game, and each caller develops a closing rate, which is the number of calls they must make to close the sale.

Have you ever had a telemarketing call when you thought telemarketing was good, professional, and skilled while regular telemarketing showed little or no such skill and ability? Having developed telemarketing programs for different companies and different products and/or services, I have developed a strong sense of what is effective and what is not. Here are some basic telemarketing concepts to follow if you want to improve results:

(1) Train telemarketers on a large scale. Provide your telemarketer with all the tools they need to do their job! You need to constantly encourage telemarketers.

(2) Provide telemarketers with well-designed, written and thoughtful text.

(3) Preparing a telemarketer to answer every objection.

(4) The telemarketer taught/learned how to use the “five steps” approach effectively to respond to the objections I wrote about in a previous article.

(5) Anticipate objections and questions that are likely to arise. Provide hyphens for each interception.

(6) The telemarketer learned/learned how to use “Can I make a suggestion?”

(7) Make acting and roles before making the first call. Repeat this role regularly. Don’t allow calls until the telemarketer hears the new telemarketer and is satisfied.

(8) Provide a mirror to be placed in front of each telephone station to clarify the importance of smiling.

(9) Ensure that the telemarketer knows the necessary technical knowledge to be familiar and comfortable in explaining the product/service.

(10) Teach / learn how to close a sale.

(11) Teach / learn the concept of “ztl” (close your lips).

Telemarketing doesn’t have to be difficult or troublesome if a telemarketer is properly prepared and trained. Telemarketers often find telemarketing fun and exciting. Since telemarketers are generally paid based on their scores, it is in their best interests to be the best they can be. For a company that uses telemarketing, it doesn’t make sense if telemarketers aren’t improving the results. So it is a win-win situation for telemarketers to be as skilled and professional as possible. Following these simple guidelines is an effective and fruitful first step.


What is Aurion and what is it for?

A company will not be able to progress without the help of its HR and Payroll team. But what is payroll? Payroll refers to the employees that you are paying. It also has the information of that particular employee.  It is also referred to as the process of distributing and calculating wages and taxes. Payroll is also the amount you pay towards your employees.

The payroll team or department is making sure that all are accurately paid. With the correct deductions and withholdings. And to make sure that the deductions and withholdings are remitted on time. This includes tax withholdings, salary payments, and deductions from a paycheck. An HR Payroll software like the Aurion is helpful for any kind of business enterprise. Now if you want to know more about Aurion, below are some details. 

What is Aurion?

Aurion is founded in 1985, which is where the integrated HR and payroll software begins. Also in outsourced payroll services. Aurion is located in Australia, Brisbane. They are one the most trusted payroll and HR software. For 30 years they’ve been assisting and helping their customer. To simplify HR and Payroll driving business automation and efficiency. At Aurion, they work hard to know your business needs and make your life easier. They have their team experts that help you to build your best workforce. And to achieve your business vision. 

Through the partnership, where the foundation became successful. Since they started in 1985, they already worked with different customers. This is from various industries. And understand the needs of their customers to deliver the perfect solution. They have experts which are committed and quality people. 

They guarantee the compliance and accuracy of your payroll and HR operations.  Whether you’re growing your business and just starting. Or already running a mature company. They have all-inclusive solutions so there’s no need for you to worry about. 

Explore their Solutions

Payroll and HR Software- They reduce risk and make sure has the data security. It automates and streamlines processes. They are 100% reliable and accurate. Aurion’s ASAE-accredited solutions and ISO-certified are built. And delivered in Australia for legislative conditions and complex industrial. They are using innovative software and technology. so you can pay your people on time and correctly. Your payroll data and people will be transformed into actionable reports and dashboards. To track your key business metrics, identify outliers, and see long-time trends. 

Using their industry-leading technology to make sure the data is safe. Their cost-effective cloud solutions comprised all software upgrades, infrastructure maintenance, and support. Your Aurion cloud solutions have best-in-class business continuity. And supported by a dedicated team of technology, and security specialists. So that you are always connected and have access to your data. 

You can check and subscribe to them to find about the latest trends.