Growth of Global Trading Activities

Today it can be said that five giants are strong in e-commerce globally: they are the Amazon, Jingdon, eBay, Alibaba and Rakuten marketplace. These marketplaces have taken an intense journey to position themselves in powerful ways in specific markets and regions. Globalist now makes you bet to go beyond those limits. The closest case is that of Amazon in the last time, which aimed at the Latin American public, the territory where another business is traditionally strong. This is generating new challenges, in addition to those of a technological and logistical nature that itself implies in electronic commerce. In the beginning, internet sales sites simply offered a space for individuals or companies to publish their products, and people interested in buying them will contact each other. It has not important how old the business that but considering the speed with which the commerce of retail companies on the internet advances.

Currently, the five giants are engaged in doing everything possible so that the customer has a satisfactory experience and buy products more and more frequently. This implies not only giving the possibility to brands and sellers to offer their products but also participating in the mediation of the transaction. This leads to greater involvement and assumes responsibilities in case the product does not arrive, is in poor condition or is not expected; and that the promised times are fulfilled. In order to trade in the business effectively, it is important to aware of the potential buyer’s needs for the business products. Global Buyers list assist the business to recognize appropriate buyers for the products. This support business to design their services in a manner to meet their demand. With the passage of time, business understood that if they did not participate more closely in operational activities, there was no possibility of growth. Therefore business needs to closely collaborate with other business partners to provide quality services or products. The role of logistics companies is fundamental for appropriate trading activities. Some of these companies have their services of logistics. There are also those companies that have space for storage, which results in lower costs and reduced delivery times for guaranteeing the stock of products.

The work of the marketplace has been concentrated so far in regions. Beyond the great development business have had, the business still has a lot to grow because the percentage of e-commerce is still small. It is estimated that in Latin America only 3% of everything that is sold is through the internet. Meanwhile, in some countries where the business is more advanced, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, it is 8 % or 10%. For trading business, it is important to start with importing products. Not generalizing, but many entrepreneurs do not want to gain competition and end up discouraging instead of support for the business.

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