Common Injuries Due to Bicycle Accidents

Often bicycle accidents are overlooked by common motor accidents involving car and bike accidents. Even people get a misconception that either compensation cannot be claimed for a bicycle accident or the injury caused in a bicycle accident should be severe.

The truth is that a bicycle accident can be equally treated like other motor accidents because an accident due to another person’s negligence is still considered an accident, so the victim should be treated fairly.

There are many reasons why the victim of a bicycle accident can seek compensation via an insurance claim. Additionally, only the bicyclist will experience more pain since the bicyclist has fewer protective layers to safeguard him from an unforeseen event compared to the car driver.

Therefore, if you have become a victim of a bicycle accident, you can contact Portland bicycle accident lawyers who can help get a fair settlement for all the losses incurred.

Here are some of the common injuries that may arise due to a bicycle accident:

Breakage of bones:

Fractures occur when a person’s bones get crushed due to a massive hit on a specific joint. It can even happen in a slip-and-fall accident. In a bicycle accident, if the person does not wear elbow caps or knee caps, it can result in breakage of bones, leading to the inability to walk for a specific period.

Facial/Dental fractures:

Most accidents result in injuries in the lower part of a person’s body, but in cases where the victim falls on the other side, he can get hurt on the face causing bruises, contusions, breakage of a tooth, hit on the jaw, etc. Hence, there are chances for a person to get hit on the face in an accident, especially in a bicycle accident which has a higher risk.

Damage to the skull:

As a follow-up, it is recommended to wear helmets and caps since the upper part of the body is equally prone to an accident, leading to complications in head injuries and resulting in hemorrhage, traumatic injury in the brain, and brain contusion.

Skin rashes:

Sometimes, a bicycle accident can cause minor injuries like road rashes, lacerations, and abrasions. Although the injury can be minor, it should still be treated medically.


In some cases, a bicyclist may fall from his bicycle due to a car crash without getting hurt or an injury but there could be an internal attack that may not show any signs immediately. Hence, you can also get sprains and joint pains from an accident which can reflect its impact gradually.

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