Best Tips for Making an Attractive CV

Your CV should always include the usual main sections as far as the content is concerned. But on the visual part, the requirement has risen. In the age of social networks, mobile applications and graphic tools for everyone, our eyes get used to the clean lines and the small colorful pictograms. Plus, the CV design may or may not make it easier for the recruiter to read the document. Here is how to make an eye-catching resume.

Use New Graphic Creation Tools

If the CVs have currently an increasingly attractive visual, it is because job seekers can now download a CV template in one click. They just have to place their text, their photo (if they decide to put one) and possibly change the font, margins, layout, etc. So, you can make your CV now on CV Creator on a specialized website that offers free templates and nice design. If you like the model, it is better to keep the proposed fonts. There also paid offers that allow you to create even more original CVs.

Take the Sector of Activity into Account

So, now you know that you have to look after the visual but before you start on the internet in order to find the most beautiful CV template, start by thinking about the style you want to give to your application. First, take into account the trade or sector you are targeting. Is it a bank, an insurance or a finance company? Stay sober, favor clarity and seriousness. Cool colors, from purple to gray through the whole range of blues, seem well suited.

For a position which requires dynamism like in sales, marketing or management, you can be a little more audacious: a more explosive color (may be orange or Turquoise), a background color under your photo or profile, a layout in two columns to bring the skills up well. Meanwhile, not do not forget to be synthetic and very clear when making your curriculum vitae.

Of course, if you are in the communication, graphics or fashion sector, creativity is going to be highly essential. You can afford to create an original CV, especially if you handle graphic design software. For web or digital communication professions, references to social networks are big assets.

In a nutshell, we recommend you to use an online CV creator in order to make an attractive resume. But before, determine the targeted line of business to make sure you choose the most adequate CV template.

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