4 Great Reasons to Provide Snacks for Your Employees

When it comes down to it, we humans aren’t really all that complicated. Feeding us well will keep us happy and set us up to do amazing things. Even when menial tasks begin to feel a little soul-destroying, nurturing ourselves and others can make all the difference. With an increasingly bigger focus now being placed on the health and happiness of employees at work, many companies are starting to catch on by offering their employees health and wellness plans. But, there’s no reason to even be that complex – the first step starts in the kitchen. Here are some of the main reasons why offering healthy snacks at work can be a great step for everybody.

#1. Attract Top Talent:

Today, the days of an office kitchen that’s only equipped with a water cooler and coffee and tea making facilities are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Employees are expecting much more these days, especially when they are spending a third of their lives at the office. A kitchen that’s fully stocked with tasty, healthy food will immediately make your company more attractive to prospective new hires.

#2. Show Appreciation:

Having snacks at your office isn’t just a great way to keep your employees feeling refreshed and energized daily. It also sends a message to your team that you appreciate them and the hard work that they put in. And, going the extra mile to choose high-quality, nutritious and healthy snacks shows that you care about your employees’ health and well-being too.

#3. Boost Focus and Productivity:

Food is fuel, and eating the right amount of high-quality, nutritious food helps us become more productive and focused. Providing healthy office snacks to your employees at the workplace is a great way to encourage them to eat foods that will boost energy and brain power. For example, you could try a fruit box delivery to the office; many fruits are a great way of providing natural energy and will help your employees reach their fullest potential. Check out this article from https://www.bevi.co/blog/pros-cons-8-different-office-snack-services/ looking at various office snack service options and the pros and cons of each. In addition to reviewing snack services, Bevi also provides plain and flavored water machines for work, which will help your employees stay hydrated too.

#4. Encourage Short Breaks:

Any good manager knows that working employees too hard isn’t the best way to improve productivity and focus. In fact, there are endless studies out there that encourage us to get up and take short breaks throughout the day. Encouraging your employees to get up, have a drink of water, a healthy snack and stretch their legs a little will help them avoid feeling burned out and boost productivity levels. And, when there’s an office kitchen full of healthy snacks to help themselves to, it’s a little easier to break away from the project that they have been working hard on.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that really matter in the office. Providing healthy and nutritious snacks at work can be a great way to boost overall productivity and morale.

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